New note 50 pounds
Hunter 22 2009, 02:47:14
The central bank of the United Kingdom will be begun by the issue of renewed 50-pounds note with the image of businessman Matthew Boltona and engineer James Uatta, jointly engaged in development of steam engine in a 18 age. About it reports RIA of New.

As registers in the report of bank, new notes with the image of famous duet, whose business collaboration was in a great deal instrumental in beginning of industrial revolution in a country, will appear in circulation in 1,5.

Today's society in a great deal is under an obligation these people, to playing a key role in development of steam engine and, the same, providing huge growth of economy of country, - quoted in the report of word of head of bank Mervina Kinga.

According to him, Bank of England is in a rare position thus to perpetuate meaningfulness of Boltona and Uatta and express, thus, confession for their invaluable contribution to the legacy of country.

Note in 50 pound will become the second note of the so-called series of F, which will change a design, in 2007 new 20-funtovye banknoty on which the portrait of scotch economist Adam Smita changed the image of composer Edvarda Elgara were entered in an appeal. Previous pyatidesyatka was produced in 1994.

On the whole, original appearance of note will not strongly change. On a right side still the portrait of queen of the United Kingdom Elisabeth will be represented Second. Also banknota will save the size. The portraits of Boltona and Uatta will appear on a reverse, as well as image of steam engine and metal-working factory in Sokho, where and engines were made.